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Healing at the TreeHouse

The need for healing is universal. All of us experience times when we are out of balance, out of harmony with ourselves, each other and our surroundings. This lack of balance may manifest in our emotions, our physical bodies, our spiritual condition or all three.

Individual Sessions

The TreeHouse is fortunate to have a group of people who are trained in a gentle, yet powerful healing modality known as The Pilgrimage Integrative Healing Process. In individual healing sessions, two trained Healing Partners create a connection of genuine caring with the client in a peaceful atmosphere of safety and support.

During this hour of guided relaxation, healing touch, and prayer or meditation, the client need only be open to receiving the benefits of the process.

Clients often report feelings of deep relaxation and peacefulness immediately following the session. Other benefits reported include lowered anxiety, diminished pain, improved mental outlook, and increased energy and connection to the healing power within.

We cannot offer healing sessions at this time.

To make an appointment or to learn more about this healing work, please contact:

The Pilgrimage

There is no charge for these sessions, but donations are gratefully accepted.



Last Updated: June 5, 2015