TreeHouse Yoga Center

Better breathing since 1991

TreeHouse Yoga Center Tampa's Original Yoga Studio

no strip mall        oak trees

no traffic                   river

no $95 t-shirts                 breathing

no hype                                   calm

Your home for creating Healthy Habits.

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Friday, April 26, 11a-2p & Thursday, May 2 9:30a-12p Spring - Garden Days

Sunday, May 5, 2-4p New Moon SOUND MEDITATION with Lisa

Maggie McClain opened her home to becoming the TreeHouse Yoga Center in 1991. The center now includes the yoga room and the Garden Room for yoga therapy and healing, an office, and a beautiful garden. The purpose of the TreeHouse is to provide a place of peace and serenity, where people can come to learn yoga, meditate, grow, heal, and step away from busy lives into a tranquil, nurturing environment.

The intention is that all activities support everyone of us in discovering and growing our lives in ways that are both loving and joyful. We believe that yoga provides a strong and stable base for exploration and change. At the same time we recognize that there are an infinite variety of ways to move toward fuller realization of harmony, love, joy, connectedness among all of us. We honor all paths and support each other in our individual ways of expressing who we truly are.

Last Updated: April 2, 2019